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January 20, 2013
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Alm1ghty UI Foxe Style by Alm1ghtyPeanut Alm1ghty UI Foxe Style by Alm1ghtyPeanut

Alm1ghty UI Foxe Style Update for 4.18 patch

All credit goes to the original creator "Phauxington" profile.

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Installation SIU

:bulletred: Imortant: Whenever you make changes on your Game make sure you backup your "..Riot Games/League of Legends/RADS/projects/lol_game_client/filearchives" folder. So you can replace it if your game breaks.

:bulletorange: Get the newest version of Skin Installer Ultimate (SIU)

:bulletblack: Unzip Alm1ghty UI (3 folders)
  • Core (elements and textures for core layout)
  • Options (Channel bar, Scoreboard, Deathcap, and Fonts)
  • TeamFrameOption (Has all the different layouts for the teamframe)
:bulletblack: Open SIU (Drag in order please)
  • Core
  • Options (May get message "The following file was found in multiple folders:" pick "0.0.137" / pick "0.0.139")
  • Font - some fonts may not support other languages. You are able to change this font type by over writing the Arial font of one of choice.
  • TeamFrameOption (Pick one example RightOverMapLocked. Don't drag the whole folder)
  • Check the Option "Install New Menu and Text Mods" and save it
  • Log into your game. (I recommend a custom game.)
  • In your in-game Options you need to turn off "enable HUD animations" or your Health and Mana/Energy bar won't show

UI was designed around 1920x1080 at 87 scale. On smaller screen you will need to play with the scaling to have everything fit.



Change Logs

:bulletblack: v4.8
  • Fix Original Teamframe Death timer
:bulletblack: v4.4
  • Fix Flip Map Player Tool Tip
  • Fix Evolution Bar Showing the letter "P"
  • Update image preview file to show ULT Active/Inactive

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Alm1ghtyPeanut Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Sorry for the delay on all this. I have been on travel for some time now. I should have a new release out over the next few days. Once again sorry for the delay and thank you everyone for the support.
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killerkohl54 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Can you just take over this project please? XD
Nycrea Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Really looking forward to 4.20 update :D
Also the game time not showing issue has been going on for a while now
Sunlight113 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2014
Any plans to add an option of setting buffs and auras over the champion portrait instead of the middle bar?
zlayazebra Featured By Owner 5 days ago
like this - ?
MarcusD-Tritus Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Yeah ! Can you post it please ? It seems great !
zlayazebra Featured By Owner 5 days ago
wip, too many changes in 4.20
odbj Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Looking forward to your update!  I can't play League without this UI! x.x
celroid Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2014
Does this work with the new map?
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